Don’t Lay Low, Please Just Go Away

I just finished reading a Forbes article written by the eminent DEI scholar Shaun Harper, who, according to his own words is “a tenured professor in the Marshall School of Business, Price School of Public Policy, and Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California, where I hold the Clifford and Betty Allen […]

Apples and the Worms That Inhabit Them

In Sergio Leone’s cinematic masterpiece Once Upon a Time in the West, one of the scenes that has always stuck with me is when the character of Morton (‘choo choo’ man) comes to see Henry Fonda’s character ‘Frank’ in the rocky hills dotting the landscape in the environs of the story location. I won’t rehash […]

Google Gets It Right

The top result from Google for the search “Joe Biden’s lies on civil rights” yielded a refreshingly accurate result. Even Google has concluded that whenever Joe Biden opens his mouth, irrespective of the topic, lies are sure to follow:

Where’s the D-Day Doodle?

It’s a fitting cultural commentary upon the shallowness, apathy, and moral vacuity of our day that Google has an entire site dedicated to a veritable tsunami of perversions, while D-Day, an historical event which should engender actual, and justified pride has nothing, absolutely nothing of such scale or breadth to commemorate it.

Environmentally Friendly Foes

(in response to Electric Cars are Worse for Climate) Regardless of what this article says (as well as what many others say) about the harm that these cars do and will be doing to the environment, the fact is that many (most?) of the people who bought these ‘environmentally friendly’ cars did it less for the […]