Don’t Lay Low, Please Just Go Away

I just finished reading a Forbes article written by the eminent DEI scholar Shaun Harper, who, according to his own words is “a tenured professor in the Marshall School of Business, Price School of Public Policy, and Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California, where I hold the Clifford and Betty Allen […]

Dawkins’ Irreplicability Irony

Richard Dawkins is well known for the lack of sophistication in his statements made in attempting to defend the atheistic world view. While Dawkins claims atheism, we can all be sure that he doesn’t believe it because he has not committed suicide, nor am I aware that he’s actively seeking the means to end his […]

Apples and the Worms That Inhabit Them

In Sergio Leone’s cinematic masterpiece Once Upon a Time in the West, one of the scenes that has always stuck with me is when the character of Morton (‘choo choo’ man) comes to see Henry Fonda’s character ‘Frank’ in the rocky hills dotting the landscape in the environs of the story location. I won’t rehash […]

Google Gets It Right

The top result from Google for the search “Joe Biden’s lies on civil rights” yielded a refreshingly accurate result. Even Google has concluded that whenever Joe Biden opens his mouth, irrespective of the topic, lies are sure to follow:

Microsoft’s Inclusivity Incoherence

I write all of my posts in HTML. I have searched high and low for a good WYSIWYG editor that supports custom CSS and HTML to no avail. The editor I use does not have spell check in it, so, even though I proofread all of my posts at least twice prior to publishing, and […]

Credit Card Scams

Recently, I accessed the mail account that I normally use for all business and financial transactions and immediately noticed that the junk folder had over 100 emails within it. I was taken aback, because for that particular account, with very rare exception, the junk email folder has essentially remained empty. Upon investigating, I saw that […]

Why Not?

Some time back, one of my sons requested that I make available to him (and by proxy, the family) Beethoven’s Violin Concerto because he recalled me having played it (or a portion thereof) in the past and he remembered wanting to hear more of it. Recently, in attempting to fulfill that request, while doing some […]


Loving one’s family is no hallmark of righteousness.