This is the introduction to a series of articles on what I have termed the 'atheist godless type' (AGT). It serves as an epigraph of sorts to that which all of the articles share in common and provides links to all articles. Until such time as the threefold problem of godlessness has been solved, there is absolutely no point whatsoever in engaging in debates with AGTs about critical topics such as morality, meaning, motive, and hope. Until that is solved by them, engaging in a debate with any of them that makes use of words about God, gods, good, evil, moral, immoral, is akin to debating with someone who denies the existence of mathematics and numbers about the legitimacy and relevance of the Peano axioms. The words of the AGTs are akin to dogs who have turned upon the throats of their masters and therefore we need expend no more effort contending with their foolishness until such time as they've dealt with the vicious dogs of their own creation. For those who believe that in the articles I am 'too hard' on the AGTs, I say in my defense that Jesus referred to the religious thusly: "You serpents, you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell?" I don't believe I exceed that anywhere. There is nothing more horrifying than what results from the nihilism and anarchy that comes from godlessness. Nothing. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote: "The fiend in his own shape is less hideous than when he rages in the breast of man." The rage of the beast is given full expression and compass within the bosom of the godless, and their condemnation cannot be too great. Of course, none of that obviates, let alone mitigates that every single one of the godless were created in the image of God, and like all of us, absent Christ are condemned to eternal separation from God. Instead of debating with them about matters that they are incapable of understanding and that they repudiate with every utterance which they make and word they write, share with them the Gospel of Grace and tell them of their need for the Saviour. I recommend starting with the following articles in the order presented:

The remaining articles are referenced by the primary articles and serve to complement and supplement them:

All of the articles are largely intended for the vandals and iconoclasts who run amok throughout our civilization mocking and undermining the beliefs that created the very civilization which provided them with the freedom, wealth, and leisure time to wreck for future generations that which was bequeathed unto them. It is not intended for the sincere seeker of the truth who has legitimate questions about God's existence and His nature, for this is common to all men.


A number of the articles make references to Scripture, but none of the arguments presented in any of the articles use any verses thereof as premises. Of course, there's nothing wrong with arguing from Scripture: in fact, arguing from Scripture is as right as arguing from the tenets of godlessness is wrong. However, due to the recalcitrance, darkness of understanding, and hardness of heart of the godless types, we have opted to supplement the plain and unadorned teachings of Holy Writ with that which is more palatable to the reprobate heart. Therefore, the arguments presented all operate from first principles and established definitions working from the simple lack of affirmation that "God exists" is a veridical proposition. However, as is the case with life in general, the principles of Scripture are always useful towards guiding unto right paths.


In those articles where the ineluctability of suicide due to consistency with the tenets of godlessness is discussed, in no way should any of it be understood as an encouragement to those who subscribe to any of the godless world views to commit suicide once the inherent pointlessness, inescapable immorality, lack of a motivating principle, and no reason to hope according to their own dictates is made manifest. As a Christian, to do so would be evil. The innate capacity to take moral stands is certainly one of the many important advantages of Christianity over the godless, chaotic world view espoused by the AGT, for an AGT can never take a moral stand on anything. I am simply laying out the reasonable consequences of the godless world view. Like all Christians, my hope is that by uncovering the truth of their benighted world views, they would come to recognize their need for Christ, repent, and become fighters for the good fight.

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