Or How the Godless Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Purposelessness of Meaninglessness


This article is part of a series on what I have termed the 'atheist godless type' (AGT). This article clearly demonstrates the ineluctability of the conclusion that human beings have absolute no worth or relevance if the godless view of the cosmos holds sway.

The introduction to the series of articles.

Other articles in this series:

It is a telling irony that the godless types will incessantly ridicule the idea of Descartian dualism yet will ostensibly adopt wholesale the belief that human beings are merely mechanical contrivances with no will of their own, no meaning, no morality, no hope, and no motive, yet live lives in complete contradiction to that which they espouse. They are akin to conmen1Think of types such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris here. who put on glasses that block out the red and blue spectrums of light, announce to one and all that the world is green, and then quietly and surreptitiously remove them in order to live in the real world and enjoy the many benefits of a full spectrum of color. As notoriety is apparently all that matters to the calculating barbarians roving to and fro within every stratum of our civilization, they too don the atheist glasses now being marketed by the conmen, have not the wit to remove them, and so go through civilization destroying all that claims to be blue or red. At least the dualist lives a life where his views are consistent and mutually reinforcing and he has therefore been instrumental in building the greatest civilization in all of human history. By contrast, the views of the godless types are inconsistent and mutually annihilatory and have played no instrumental part other than a corrosive one in the history of civilizations. I say 'godless types,' not 'atheist godless types,' because as is made clear here and here, what differentiates the atheist from the simatheist, agnostic, and apatheist is that he actually believes what he says and therefore he tragically commits suicide.

Prior to the universe coming into existence, if, as the godless contend (explicitly or implicitly, it matters not), there was no mind, it is meaningless to speak of there having been 'words' or 'thoughts.' According to godlessness, there is no reason (and zero evidence) to believe that words or thoughts existed prior to mindless, purposeless, meaningless, unguided processes bringing biological life into existence. Within the realm of all known biological life, the only species for which we have conclusive evidence that thoughts exist or have existed, is the species known as 'homo sapiens,' for it is the only one where we have evidence of thoughts committed to substance as words or pictures in a manner in which other members of the species can then understand those thoughts, share them, expand upon them, correct them, reject them, accept them, pass them on to subsequent generations, etc. In the view of the godless, what are referred to as 'thoughts' and 'words' (hopelessly circular though it may be) that accompany our species came about through mindless, purposeless, meaningless, unguided processes: all words and thoughts are merely the emanations of electrochemical processes occurring within the brain which is housed within the cranial vault. For most of the AGTs, the processes that brought about life fall under the rubric of 'evolution.' There are a very tiny few, such as Thomas Nagel, who rightly reject evolution as a plausible explanation for life, but as indicated, they are anomalies. All of the above follows ineluctably from the refusal to acknowledge that “God exists” is a veridical proposition.

Let us couple the previous with the belief that the age of the universe is estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 billion years. If we analogize its age using a solar year, homo sapiens first appeared three minutes ago, which means that for 99.9994% of the time that the universe has existed up to this point, there is no reason to believe that minds, words, or thoughts existed. Of all the species of life that it is conjectured to have existed2Some sources indicate four billion, other sources five billion. We (understandably) have gone with the more conservative indication., homo sapiens represent 0.000000025% of them. The atoms of which the entire planet Earth is comprised represent 0.00000000000000000000000000013% of all of the atoms in the known universe. The atoms of all human beings who are living and have ever lived represent 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000007% of all of the atoms in the known universe. Finally, the atoms comprising your body, represent 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007% of all of the atoms in the known universe. If one is going to subscribe to the godless view of the universe and attempt to ascribe any description to the existence of homo sapiens in general, or to one's self in particular, it can only be 'infinitesimal cosmic accidents.' Mindless, purposeless, unguided processes brought these insignificant number of atoms together for no purpose whatsoever. Any 'worth' ascribed to human beings by an AGT above and beyond any of the other 1.5 million living animal species thus far catalogued, species which, let us not forget, like homo sapiens, are collections of an insignificant number of atoms, is by definition arbitrary and not worth the breath that was involved to utter it or the resources it cost to print it or transmit it. In essence, it amounts to one clump of atoms that represents 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007% of the atoms in the universe proclaiming to another clump of atoms that represents 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007% of the universe that this or that is 'so.' To a mind that is hinged to reality, it is absurd beyond all endurance, but to the AGT, it is par for the course.

Hence, not only is a godless type speaking to the 'meaning' of words hopelessly circular and infinitely regressive, but further, it is absurd in the extreme for them to ascribe relevance to any words: they themselves are compelled to view words as the emanations of clumps of neurons (the brain) from a species (homo sapiens) that can only be accounted as an infinitesimally improbable cosmic accident which resulted from unguided, purposeless, and meaningless processes. Only those completely unhinged from reality would refuse to affirm the proposition "God exists" and then turn around and claim that words have relevance or meaning. It is no wonder then that they are incapable of promulgating a worthwhile vision for humanity in any of those arenas3Morality, meaning, motive, hope. important to establishing civilization. The bringing to the table of debate the world view of the atheist godless type is akin to somebody announcing to you upon first meeting them: "I'm an insufferable fool, I'd like to debate with you about why the merits of foolishness exceed those of wisdom." Apologies for running the poor phrase thus, but only a fool would proceed. Whenever an AGT speaks on matters of import concerning a well-ordered society with anything other than a preamble of something akin to: "Please ignore what I say for all words have no meaning, purpose, or relevance per what I espouse to be true.", you can be absolutely certain that they don't actually believe the bilge that is spilling out of their mouths and that they are dishonestly suppressing the truth of their perspective. For them to protest otherwise is as bald of a contradiction as can be imagined.

When one hears the cries of 'reason' from the AGTs as to why they reject, in particular, Christ, those familiar with the writings of the Puritans cannot help but recall what the divine John Durham said:

Christ is pretended, while all the while self is intended.

Which, rendered in godless speak becomes:

Reason is pretended, while all the while the self and immoral living is intended.

All of the above proceeded according to first principles. It didn't rely upon testimony from any of the godless clerics which pollute our civilization. However, to demonstrate that the horrors relayed above are consonant with those who the typical mindless follower of godlessness rely upon, I offer the reader the following truly horrifying quotes:

Ultimately, science and scientism are going to make us give up as illusory the very thing conscious experience screams out at us loudest and longest: the notion that when we think, our thoughts are about anything at all, inside or outside of our minds… Thinking about things is an overwhelmingly powerful illusion.

Alexander RosenbergThe Atheist's Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life without Illusions (New York: W.W. Norton, 2011), 162-163.

There is no freedom of choice, no free will. And those New Year's resolutions you made? You had no choice about making them, and you'll have no choice about whether you keep them… We are biological creatures, collections of molecules that must obey the laws of physics… Everything that you think, say, or do, must come down to molecules and physics.

Jerry CoyneWhy You Don't Really Have Free Will. USA Today. January 1, 2012.

On the one hand, I believe myself and my children all to be mere machines. Automatons at large in the universe. Every person I meet is also a machine—a big bag of skin full of biomolecules interacting according to describable and knowable rules. When I look at my children, I can, when I force myself, understand them in this way. I can see that they are machines interacting with the world.

But this is not how I treat them. I treat them in a very special way, and I interact with them on an entirely different level. They have my unconditional love, the furthest one might be able to get from rational analysis.

Rodney BrooksFlesh and Machines - How Robots Will Change Us, 2003.

And I close with a quote from the inimitable Dr. Johnson, who going on three centuries ago anticipated the godless monstrosities roaming freely amidst the ruins of Christendom (underlining added):

Do not, sir, accustom yourself to trust to impressions. There is a middle state of mind between conviction and hypocrisy, of which many are conscious. By trusting to impressions a man may gradually come to yield to them, and at length be subject to them, so as not to be a free agent, or what is the same thing in effect, to suppose that he is not a free agent. A man who is in that state should not be suffered to live; if he declares he cannot help acting in a particular way, and is irresistibly impelled, there can be no confidence in him no more than in a tiger. But, sir, no man believes himself to be impelled irresistibly; we know that he who says he believes it lies. Favourable impressions at particular moments, as to the state of our souls, may be deceitful and dangerous. In general no man can be sure of his acceptance with God; some indeed, may have it revealed to them. St. Paul, who wrought miracles, may have had a miracle wrought on himself, and may have obtained supernatural assurance of pardon, and mercy, and beatitude; yet St. Paul, though he expresses strong hope, also expresses fear lest, having preached to others, he himself should be a castaway.

James BoswellThe Life of Samuel Johnson

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