I just finished reading a Forbes article written by the eminent DEI scholar Shaun Harper, who, according to his own words is “a tenured professor in the Marshall School of Business, Price School of Public Policy, and Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California, where I hold the Clifford and Betty Allen Chair in Urban Leadership.” Impressive stuff. How impressive is his writing? To save the reader the time I just spent in reading it, I will summarize his article for you:

DEI is good because it’s good, and further, the goodness of DEI is due to its goodness, and in conclusion,those who support DEI are good due to their goodness, and to remove or limit DEI, is bad because it’s bad, and the badness of such an action is due to its badness, and those who do not support DEI are bad due to their badness.

Oh, and if you remove or limit DEI, you’ll be sued.

It was this last point in his complex and wide-ranging essay that caught my eye, for in my recent in-depth article dismantling and exposing the destructive consequences of ‘Affirmative Action’ (i.e., Systemic Profiling, or 'SP'), I zeroed in on the SRP aspect of it (i.e., Systemic Racial Profiling) and DEI (i.e., Disinformation, Exaggeration, and Inaccuracy), I made the point that when a level playing field based on merit, competence, and performance is encountered by an SRP recipient, they will be forced to make a choice between shaping up or shipping out. Neither is palatable. Far easier (and profitable!) to file a lawsuit charging discrimination or bias. Shaun confirms my point, but then takes it one step further: “They know the price of DEI initiatives is only a tiny fraction of what discrimination and harassment lawsuits cost.” Hear that businesses of America? Adopt SP policies or be sued, and the lawsuit will cost you more than will implementing and practicing SP.

I thank Shaun for highlighting that the real motivating factor behind businesses adopting SP programs is to avoid the cost of the lawsuits that will inevitably come as a consequence of trying to break away from the knee that has been placed upon their necks by the meritless advancement seekers. However, as my article points out, the cost across the board due to SP at every stratum of society is incomparable to what lawsuits might cost. The lawsuits are merely a symptom of a broken system. Getting rid of SP in its entirety will all but ensure that the vast majority of frivolous lawsuits will vanish.

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