(in response to Electric Cars are Worse for Climate)

Regardless of what this article says (as well as what many others say) about the harm that these cars do and will be doing to the environment, the fact is that many (most?) of the people who bought these ‘environmentally friendly’ cars did it less for the environment than

It's really been like a kind of welfare benefiting those who need it the least. It should then come as no surprise that the rest of us will continue to pay and pay for the great moral stand taken by these self-singing heroes!

The reality is that those who are truly in love with Gaia will not use a car at all. They will rely upon public transportation and manual modes of transportation such as walking or cycling. What they won't do is reach their hands into the pockets of the taxpayers, grab as much cash as they can, and then declare the virtue of their actions to all and sundry.

If, for some inexplicable reason, they are absolutely unable to forego a motor vehicle, and  they are further unable to obtain a more environmentally friendly gas-powered vehicle, then at the very least, on hot days we'll see them declaring their love for mother earth by rolling their windows down and refusing to use their air conditioners1In the majority of driving scenarios, having the windows open to cool down creates negligible drag and hence is more energy efficient than using the air conditioner.. Right?

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