How many reading this have seen the videos (more every day) which chronicle the unabashed crimes of those who descend upon places of business to loot and rob with abandon, filling bags and backpacks with stolen items and then scurrying out the door? What to do? Apparently nothing, as the employees have been instructed by their employers to do nothing, and the brokers1the 'woke' of our new world have emasculated the police and justice system to the point where it seems that questioning or critiquing the status quo is a far greater threat to the peace and welfare of the country than wanton looting and robbery.

Here's a novel idea: send an email to such establishments, informing them that you will not be spending money at their stores until such time as they work to prevent such crimes. Why? Well, first of all, crime should be prevented. Secondly, making them accountable (and perhaps driving them out of business) will lead to a moment's reflection that the broke2'woke' policies championed by many of them have created the very problems they're experiencing, and from that a lesson will be hopefully learned. But, from a more self-serving perspective: honest customers always end up having to pay the price of those stolen goods3Of course, it's true, that if a store were to hire a security guard, that we'd still end up footing the bill, but at least a stand against immoral behavior will have been taken.. Ironic, considering that the honest customers are typically the honest taxpayers, i.e. those who have, through the provenance of 'welfare,' provided the looters with their housing, food, medical and dental care, schooling, clothing, etc. from prior to birth, up to and including the moment in time when they display their utter ingratitude and malice by committing their smash and grab crimes.

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