Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

--George Orwell

For many years, those women who have supported the murder of children in the womb1AKA 'abortion,' which is the accepted euphemism for this by today's benighted people. We help no one but those who seek to commit murder on a massive scale by allowing them to suppress the truth in the unrighteousness and deception of the words they choose for their propaganda. have defiantly cried out "My body, my choice!" Concomitantly, males in support of this evil practice have echoed that sentiment with "Who am I am to tell a woman what to do with her body?" This rubbish2An example of the ignoratio elenchi fallacy which conveniently disposes of the fact that such proclamations have nothing to do with the individual and unique human life that is actually at stake and the real source of contention. has been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by an ever-more credulous public eager for the pretense of morality without any of the accompanying effort or cost and all of the perceived perks and benefits.

Lately, this pernicious phrase has come to the fore in the service of a movement that actually has merit, namely that individuals in an ostensibly free society should not be forcibly injected with substances without their consent upon the whims of the decrepit ruler of a panicked and unhinged demos. Let me first state that which should be obvious to all imbued with even a bare modicum of wisdom: there is no quick and easy answer to the subject of vaccinations. Anyone who states that we all should allow ourselves to be injected with whatever a government 'expert' and his corporate henchmen stipulate, whenever they stipulate it, is a fool, as is anyone who states that there is no situation, ever, in which measures should be taken to protect a community from those who are verifiably transmitting deadly disease to others3Exhibit A: the 'blood terrorism' advocated and practiced by homosexuals in the 1980's to purposely infect the blood supply with AIDS in the hopes of securing more taxpayer funding by making the disease more prevalent amongst those who engage in normal and natural sexual activity.. To reason is to proceed carefully and with nuance, and to the mass of people today4Sadly this is almost as endemic to the majority of the right as it is to the left. But, thankfully, many on the right, even if they don't have a proper grounding in the proper use and limitations of reason, at least affirm that which is worthy of belief., these are anathema. The thinking behind entering this phrase into the political/moral arena is essentially: "What's good for the goose is good for the gander," i.e. it is hypocritical for leftists5For indeed it is the leftists who are the most vocal and shrill about this. While there are those with the label of 'Republican' who align themselves with the left on this, I am not aware of any conservative (read paleoconservative) who has so aligned himself. to demand forcible vaccination of those people who choose not to be vaccinated, for such forcible vaccination violates their autonomy and privacy, which according to the left is supposedly sacrosanct, in fact, sacrosanct unto the death of innocents.

One of the problems with adopting this tactic is that it gives tacit assent and support to the lie that the salient issue in not allowing women6Let us not neglect to mention that if these women were involved with an actual man who did not shirk responsibility and manhood, many of these women wouldn't even consider such a terrible course. But, of course, if actual men weren't in the minority, what I'm writing wouldn't even need to be written, but I digress... to commit infanticide is that it is an attack upon the woman's autonomy and privacy. Another problem is that by invoking this narrative, the core issue, the core truth, is missed yet again, which is precisely what the enemies of that which is true desire. It should also serve as a warning signal that even those who might say the right things and who might even be motivated by commendable beliefs, oftentimes lack the perspective and operative principles to understand what it is they are actually doing and why they are doing it, and hence they become unwitting allies of those who propagate beliefs which are rightly regarded as abhorrent. This surface-level approach in the United States and the West to all things of relevance runs deep indeed.

But what is the core reality that is being missed? It is, that just as the destruction and subsequent disposal of the unborn into the trash is rooted entirely in selfishness, so it is with forced vaccinations: they are both a consequence of individuals who have taken the message of self 'love' to its murderous and logical conclusion, i.e. that the self is all that matters, and anything or anyone that impedes the desires thereof must be destroyed or cast aside7It is fascinating and ironic indeed, that the Latin root for 'abort' has connotations of making something 'disappear' and that that Latin word is itself a modification of the Latin word oriri which means 'to come into being' or 'to be born.'. Just as the barbaric cultures of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas of old murdered their children by the thousands to appease the ‘gods' in order to ensure a good crop yield and for their lives to be easier or more comfortable, so do today's barbarians execute their children by the millions in the pursuit of the same ends. As Solomon said three millennia ago: There is nothing new under the sun.

Consider: Forcible injections are not new to the left, for one of the many horrific realities about the monstrosity of the homicide8In 1974, The West German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) wrote, "The usual language, termination of pregnancy, cannot conceal the fact that abortion is a homicidal act." Certainly, other courts have denied that a human being is being extinguished. I mention this only to indicate that some courts do, from time to time, state the truth of the matter. of the unborn, is that for many years it was achieved via an injection of saline into the amniotic sac and/or directly into the baby: "Saline abortions use a saline solution to poison the baby, which burns him or her inside and out, even burning off the outer layer of their skin. The child suffers in these conditions for over an hour until their demise, and the mother must deliver her dead child the next day."9From Born-Alive Abortion Survivors: Just the Facts It is revealing that even the murderous advocates of this moral atrocity acknowledge that a death has occurred: "Fetal death within one hour of injection has been documented by hysterotomy. The hypertonic saline infusion causes water to diffuse into the amniotic sac from surrounding fetal and placental tissues. The damage resulting from this fetal dehydration is probably responsible for fetal death."10Cronenwett, Linda R., and Janice M. Choyce. “Saline Abortion.” The American Journal of Nursing 71, no. 9 (1971): 1754–57. https://doi.org/10.2307/3422026. 'Probably' responsible. Who knows? Who cares? All that matters is that the threat to the self's autonomy and independence has been dispensed with. As indicated above, because this barbaric practice often required a stay at the hospital so that the dead baby could be safely and sanitarily ‘delivered,’ it was supplanted by cheaper and more expeditious means of killing our offspring11what the term fœtus actually means.

Many of the people who have advocated for these horrors (or via their votes have lent their support to it) are woefully uninformed about the realities of it, hence, it should surprise no one that these same people would tend to follow blithely and mindlessly along with the architects of atrocity down the path towards enforced vaccination. As to those who do know the grisly details, is it any less unsurprising that the members of a party where the primary shibboleth for entry and candidacy is advocacy of such murder, are the same people clamoring for forcible vaccination of those, who like the unborn baby, are guilty of no crime against them? Thus, it follows, that the advocates of the murder of the unborn are being consistent (not hypocritical) when out of their terror at the perceived imperilment of their own ease and comfort, they lend their support to policies that pursue forcible injections of hastily developed and poorly tried concoctions passed off as trustworthy vaccines along with terrible penalties for those that refuse, for these are the same people who out of the darkness of their understanding are enthusiastic supporters of the slaughter of innocents for the very same reasons. Forcible injection, ostracization, and making pariahs of those who exhibit probity and aren’t ruled by fear, is a small matter compared with the horrors they've willingly and knowingly supported or inflicted upon untold millions of children for decades12Let us not forget those pitiable women and the males who stood by apathetically or even actively encouraged them in such an evil path who have to live with the knowledge of their crimes against God and for which they will ultimately have to answer.. Only in the very penumbra of reality has the heinous practice of terminating a pregnancy through a variety of grisly and terrible means been about autonomy and privacy, and so, whenever someone proposes that a moral horror be 'tolerated' or made legal, all those of sober mind should work from the assumption that there is an abominable lie lurking within whatever is said in the defense or support of said horror. Therefore, the lesson to be learned is that while we must always eschew psittacism, we must be especially careful to avoid echoing any statement made by those who have demonstrated that they are the avowed enemies of the true and the good.

So, while it is true that contra the claims made by the left regarding a woman's right to instigate the murder of her own child, the statements made by those in regards to privacy, autonomy, and choice in respect to vaccination have actual cognitive and moral legitimacy, it is also true that because the phrase "My body, my choice" is so polluted and stigmatized with the stain of the blood of 100s of millions of victims, it cannot be wisely used for anything other than as an object of contempt, derision, and ultimately great sorrow because of the vast evils perpetrated under its banner.

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